Superman ★★★★★

Magical. Wholesome. Escapism. 

Back when Superman was created in 1938 America was in its depression. The world was at another war. Times were hard but then came along these little comics of men in tights doing heroic feats. It provided an escape, it provided smiles, but most importantly it provided the idea that good would always win out. That’s what this movie is. This film embodies better than any other film the spirit of a superhero, even now, forty years later. It created the mold for how to tell an origin story. Last of all it made you believe a man can fly. 

Christopher Reeve, what can I say really. He puts on still the most charming performance I’ve ever seen in a superhero film. As Clark Kent he is aloof, bumbling, and just so likeable. As Superman he is THE hero. The quintessential notion of what it means to be one. The now iconic scene when he first saves Lois is followed by a montage of just normal hero patrol. In a time where every fight our heroes have are the big fights it’s nice to see the small ones, the ones that show a hero taking the time out to perform good deeds, the hero we can all be. 

The rest of the cast does a great job as well. Margot Kidder is fun as Lois, she has that fight in her that makes the character who she is. Jimmy Olson is funny and loveable. Perry White is rough and tough. Lex is maniacal and although I always find his master plan to be nothing hoaky Hackman delivers an amazing performance. You believe he is smart and uses his intellect to bring the Man of Steel to his level. Tessmacher and Otis are fun as well and I can watch scenes with the three forever. 

The score doesn’t need to be talked about. It is legendary. It is iconic. It is instantly recognizable. John Williams is an absolute master.