Hardcore Henry ★★★★★

I fucking adored this film so much!

I'm so upset, I loved this film so much but I went day one and there was 6 of us in the cinema, it's such a shame that this film will bomb so hard because I would love SO MANY MORE of them, the writer/director is unebelievable and honestly deserves awards for this film, it's blown me away so much and I adored it, I don't need to write a lot, all you need to know is this film is a must see, whether it's pirated, cinema, or Blu-Ray WATCH IT! It may not do good now but this film is a classic, in ten years we'll be looking back at this film, mark my words! I loved every second of it, every minute was entertaining and hell and I was blown away by each scene, I loved it and it's already one of my favourite films.

Why are you still reading this? GO WATCH IT!