Armageddon Time

Armageddon Time ★★★

Frustratingly restrained. 

So much rich material here to dig into, and James Gray goes personal with this film, but the way the narrative unfolds falls flat, and any emotional punch that one might expect never quite lands. There are some really good moments throughout - the rocket launch scene at the park (I really do love Flushing Meadows Park) as well as Jeremy Strong’s best scene in the car - but overall, this felt like a missed opportunity. Cinematography reflects this too as the intentionally muted tones complement the plot for a rather dull experience. 

With the premise and title, this feels like it should’ve been James Gray’s masterpiece. It’s not a bad film at all (performers are solid all-around), but certainly one of the most disappointing of the year. 

Watched at AMC Santa Anita (NOV 14, 2022).

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