Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

This is definitely probably my favorite Coen movie, I don't know. Since I love so much Fargo and No Country for Old Men. I understand the people who do not have much appreciation of this film, the first time I saw it did not seem like a big deal, but this movie has to be seen more than once to go slowly loving it and knowing its details. This is the third time for me and I went back to it because its theme, its music and the vibes that make the viewer feel are very personal for me and the situation I live at this point in my life. This time I was able to appreciate the melancholy cinematography that forms a great part of the body of what is the vibe so characteristic of this film. I love that the directors / writers are absurdly subtle, the truth is not a plot with an easy sense of deciphering, but in the end everything we see and hear on screen has a reason, from the dialogues, the songs and the folk genre, to put Justin Timberlake in the casting and Oscar Isaac's subtle body language. I really love everything that this film transmits, the apparent inevitable cycling that life has, perhaps those karmic consequences that Llewyn lives, the raw way with which it is really learned and overcome in real life, that part in which We see that staying only with your principles is not as romantic as they paint it.
This film is truly deserving of any and all praise it receives. With a soundtrack that rivals that of O, Brother Where Art Thou, a bitingly brutal sense of humor akin to Fargo, and the unflinching naturalistic cruelty pressed down upon the main character in A Serious Man, this film is everything that rises in those films converging.