Geostorm ★★★½

When it comes to recent disaster flicks, "Geostorm" is better than San Andreas, but is no Into the Storm. It's combination of silly sci-fi elements and political thriller plot is what keeps the movie going when cities aren't being reduced to rubble by monstrous weather anomalies. It's predictable for sure and the destruction itself is brought to life by some visuals that are slightly below par (the lightning is outright laughable). Yet, even with it's dopey plotting there's still some suitable entertainment to be found in a turn your brain off sort of way.

Outside of a gaping plot hole the biggest issue with the story is the amount of clichéd family drama. The characters are of the cookie cutter variety and rather than focusing on the more effective form of emotional manipulation by delivering more moments between the main character and his daughter, Geostorm places it's emphasis on the sibling rivalry side of things. Some that is hindered greatly by Jim Sturgess' absolute twerp of a character. He is the definitive boogerhead little brother, complete with bad haircut. The dialog in this film is humorously bad at times. There are moments so stupid that you can't help but have fun with them.

Part space adventure and part nature-fueled destruction fest, Geostorm can provide a good time if you can appreciate some cinema trash. It's a Gerard Butler movie for crying out loud. If you were expecting anything more than a dumb popcorn flick then you're an idiot. Only not the kind that will be able to appreciate Geostorm's surprisingly fun combination of the familiar and the ridiculous with a dash of good intentions that's all delivered with a straight face when it needs to be, but has no problem showing off it's silly side.

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