North by Northwest

North by Northwest ★★★★

Wow! What a cool film. Only my second Hitchcock film, after the great Rear Window. I really enjoyed this film. Such great execution of the mistaken identity story, mixed with the thrills of a chase film.

Cary Grant is perfectly smooth. I've actually never seen him in a film before. He reminded me of the early days of Sean Connery as Bond. Cary probably could have been a Bond if they had been made earlier.

The pacing is, for the most part, quite intense. The set up is exectuted pretty quickly, and we're off and running into this crazy world that Grant has gotten caught up in.

I was continually amazed at the set pieces and cinematography in this film. I've not seen many films this old, but it was impressive. Between this and Rear Window, I can see why they call Hitchcock the master of suspense. You're glued to the screen for this for sure. If anything, and it is a minor gripe, I felt the sequence with Grant driving drunk a bit too comedic. It kinda distracted from the serious nature of his predicament.

Eva Marie Saint - woah! What a beauty! She's great as the love interest.