54 ★★★★

The Director's Cut 

"What we have now with 54: The Director's Cut is far less fanciful but much more vital. Still present of course is a career best performance by comedian Mike Myers as night club impresario Steve Rubell. Myers gives a rare dramatic turn here and truly knocks it out of the park, and had the theatrical cut been a better picture, I'm almost certain we would be referring to him as Oscar Nominee Mike Myers these days. An absolute lost cause of a human being, Rubell thought he was more powerful than everyone and his hubris was his downfall. Add in some great performances by Ryan Phillippe, Salma Hayek, and Breckin Meyer and the drama on display is both relatable and palpable. For audiences who dismissed 54 on it's initial release they owe it to themselves to seek out this Director's Cut; it's a completely different beast and a film ripe for reassessment."

Covered as part of Talk Film Society's Pride Month series.

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