The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

"Usually three people can keep a secret, only when two of them are dead"

What an experience. What a showcase of a true master. What a damn great film. 

Scorsese's latest is also one of his most tragic pictures. A story of friendship betrayed to keep things level, a story of aging and losing control. It really is a sight, seeing these legends at work. DeNiro, the best he's been in a while, Pacino giving an accurate and bravura turn as Hoffa, and Joe Pesci giving the best performance of his career. Such a gift to have him back on the screen and out of retirement. This is Pesci like you've rarely seen him, calm, quiet, able to get his point across without a lot of muss and fuss. I'm in awe of him here.

A sprawling yet focused gangster film, The Irishman or I Heard You Paint Houses, is a singular picture that really only would've made sense coming from Ol Eyebrows. Yes he's been down this path before, but it's never been this sad and immediate.

Oh and that CGI de-aging? Didn't distract me for a second. It's the best this tech has ever been utilized until now. Add in some top-flight editing (this does NOT feel its length) and somber music, and this really is the total package.

To the detractors and "dialogue counters," I'll accept zero Paquin slander. We've been through this earlier in the year when Margot Robbie was considered "pointless" in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood because she barely had any lines. In The Irishman, Anna Paquin does more with a look than most actors would be able to do with a huge monologue. Truly impressive work from her.

Consider The Irishman a gift. It's likely the last time we're going to see this crew assemble, and if that turns out to be true, we should be thankful we got something so great, so pure, and so final.

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