Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Baffling. So boring it doesn’t warrant interrogating all of the ways in which it makes no sense, but it is wild this was released in its current state.

Shamelessly steals visual ideas from some very recent movies. Has one of the worst and most distracting scores I’ve ever heard. Harry Styles is a black hole of charisma.

Plot doesn’t matter in the hands of a capable filmmaker, but when you see something this inept it raises so many questions. Gonna go insane-mode for a second:

Why was there a plane? Why did it crash?

Why are there earthquakes??

Why are the eggs empty?

What is the point of Harry Styles getting a ring and a promotion? It’s played like he’s entering the inner ring of the higher ups, but nothing comes of it. Also lol why does he dance??? He’s bad at it!

Why can’t Harry Styles cook in VR? Intentional or not it is so funny when he’s attempting to mash russet potatoes with a decanter.

Why are these (presumably) 2022 people (or future people) nostalgic for mid century aesthetics??

Why did Gemma Chan kill Chris Pine? Why is it “her turn” now? Her turn to do what????

What is the point of Gemma Chan’s moment if Florence Pugh ends the simulation?

Her name is Alice. VERY COOL. Bet she’s about to go down a few rabbit holes and realize her Wonderland is not so wonderful. 

The 1950s Americana aesthetics are so beautiful... but does something darker lie under the surface? Just a VERY COOL idea to explore in 2022.

What if Busby Berkeley dancers but spooky??? Another VERY COOL idea. Also wrong era. That’s not the 50s?????

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