Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale ★★★★

I could not have picked a better movie to watch after Double Indemnity as this thing literally starts with Rebecca Romijn watching the end of Double Indemnity in bed. Just like me! I didn’t know this was coming! Imagine how exciting that would be if you were me!

De Palma pays trib 2 Barbara Stanwyck but this is really another one of his silly goof-arounds on Vertigo. The gentleman’s entire filmography is “what if Hitchcock but horny” and it rules. He opens with a 20 minute heist scene set at the Cannes film festival and holy shit it’s so good. There’s a movie premiering called Est-Ouest which I thought was an A+ fake movie title but dam do I feel dumb because it turns out this was a real movie that was in competition at Cannes in 1999 and went on to win Best Foreign Film at the Oscars? And De Palma got the actual cast to play themselves attending the premiere?? And then Femme Fatale played at Cannes??? Wow - now we are talking about movies, films, and cinema. On the official LCJ Report Card Femme Fatale gets a B+.

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