Joker ★★½

- Joaquin Phoenix is predictably great. I mean, imagine this thing without him
- Actually kinda cool that a film this deeply unpleasant and without action is going to make 100 million dollars this weekend?
- I was not murdered

- This thing is so dumb. Big Dumb-Guy energy coming from this one and not in a good Den of Thieves way, but in a bad Boondock Saints way. It’s a movie made for a dude who hasn’t seen Heat but comments on the Heat bank heist scene on YouTube with “Sick reload @ 3:21”
- Some truly lame needle drops
- It’s not NOT an episode of Gotham (at least Bruce got to see a dope ass movie like Blow Out before you know what)

- De Niro is engaged. Miscast, but engaged.
- Bill Camp & Shea Whigham detective show spin-off please
- They easily could have added a moment where Maron asks the Joker who his guys are

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