Tenet ★★★★

He fucking did it. My man finally made a movie that is 100% exposition. There is not a single character in Tenet, just information mouthpieces. With the notable exception of Dunkirk, Nolan has never handled emotion well, so I was in awe as he gave up trying and double-downed on the exposition overload. Once I realized the plot was as dumb and wacky as a Roger Moore-era Bond film I actually locked in and began to really enjoy Tenet. And this is before Kenneth Branagh enters playing a gd cartoon villain. I love a delicious ham.

I knew going in that John David Washington’s character was known as The Protagonist. You’d think that was just a way to make him nameless. Nope! There are multiple exchanges where he’s just like “What’s up guys? I’m The Protagonist.” Incredible. I laughed so hard every time.

The best part of Tenet was 5 minutes into Tenet when my girlfriend said “what the hell IS this trailer?” and I said “this is Tenet. it’s started.” She’s not wrong and her review has all of the same complaints as myself, but I chose to view them as strengths because I am an absolute idiot. 

Tenet does not explain how eating or pooping work when you’re inverted FYI.

I cannot overstate how great it was to see a new, non-Marvel, non-sequel movie this cinematic, this filled with huge action set-pieces and practical effects. That’s all it takes for me at this point. And the action RULES btw. So much of the world-building is explained fairly well through the action itself. I don’t think he needed all that exposition! Most of it just makes the actual physics of everything more confusing. But the action! Very good! Love to see things I’ve never seen before. I’m probably definitely overrating this dumb thing, but movies, you guys! You miss it and you love to see it.

tl;dr: Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it.

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