Tenet ★★★★

Laughing alone in my car like an idiot every time The Protagonist says “I’m The Protagonist.” There is a thing called “The Proving Window.” Hilarious. “Temporal Pincer Movement” lmao

More enjoyable this time when I can actually parse what’s happening on a scene to scene basis. What’s happening is nonsense, but at least I know the actual stakes of each sequence. Beautiful nonsense! My man has gotten so much better at shooting action. Love seeing a 747 crash for real! Ka-boom! 
I love it. So blessed to be an idiot who enjoys the simple things.

I prefer Tenet over Inception because Nolan has given up the notion that his movies need to be about something. He’s pretty bad at convincing me they’re about something. Embrace the nonsense!

He may be the most humorless man alive, but having The Protagonist say “I’m The Protagonist” makes me think he’s self-aware enough to know this is a movie about vibes. Logic doesn’t matter! Plot doesn’t matter! Only vibes and cinema baby!

BUTT he truly cannot write a female character to save his life. Woof! Should’ve just named Elizabeth Debicki’s character The Mother.

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