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This review may contain spoilers.

Already a Dumb Guy classic. I found an incredible comment on a YouTube clip of the ending when Pattinson says goodbye to JDW: “If you have brothers but not by blood this scene will tear at you.” Dumb Guys LOVE being friends with other Dumb Guys.  I think it’s genuinely charming that this dude was able to express his emotional response to the friendship between Neil and the Protagonist, but god dammit it is so funny that a person was emotionally gutted by a scene in Tenet. 

Dumb Guys also really love JDW’s introduction where he flicks a bullet out of the chamber and catches it. They love little gun tricks, disassembling a gun, putting it back together really fast, etc. If you have a Dumb Guy friend, get him a gun and a stopwatch for Christmas and watch him just take it apart and put it back together for hours and hours.

Also yo this movie looks great on blu-ray.

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