2012 ★★

I’m so happy the “disaster” genre is slowly fading because these films are simply made to take your money with little to show for it. At least that’s what I believe. The characters are completely unlikable and simply disposable. Cracking jokes while you have your kids on the verge of death isn’t necessarily “funny”. Forced romances in the most worst of times doesn’t sound exactly like an idea time to rekindle a long lost flame. It’s not clever, it’s not cute and it’s definitely not funny, it’s just stupid but as always in these types of film we shouldn’t care about the characters but more so on the destruction and character deaths. Here’s the problem, ignoring the logic behind these catastrophes, the special effects has aged like sheet. It’s a complete sloppy mess from the special effects department. Obvious green-screen and mushy effects that I don’t know what the heck is happening. The icing on the cake is the excessively long runtime that makes its a headache of popcorn entertainment. I never enjoyed these movies as they’re more soulless than cash-grab remakes and sequels.

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