Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Date Night

Before I begin, it must be known that I used to be a gigantic fan for Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake, so I was sorta anticipating for an exciting return from Snyder to the Zombie genre. Other than an extreme amount of major plot holes, an unnecessary lengthy runtime, distracting and annoying shots where almost every frame is out of focus, Snyder’s very lame humor that takes all the seriousness away from a dangerous situation which makes it feel less real and possibly the most predictable film I’ve seen in a very long time that had my girlfriend and I calling out every twist and turn, character deaths and predicaments before they happen and well, let’s just say it sucks to be right sometimes. But yea, we still had fun. Lol

I know I started with the bad but it’s true, this film is so dumb but yet, we couldn’t help ourselves but to be invested and never bored. The action bits and the zombie gore does wonders for its audience and it’s really all I could ask. I mean, Snyder shows a zombie tiger almost every scene to wow the audience to distract us that this film is really stupid but hey, I’m buying it and I’m absolutely enjoying it. Go ahead, Snyder. Keep showing me that zombie tiger, it’s not getting old for me! 

Sometimes dumb fun is what we need and that is exactly what I got out of this. Not much else. The concept alone is fun and dumb, a heist film located in America’s playground filled with zombies?? Please, count me in and take my money along with my brain.

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