Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four ★½

The editing is so bad. Things happen so fast but little is happening. There’s still no legit explanation of how things are built and how things unfold. Why are they building this teleport thingy? Why do we need other resources from another world to save our own? Why is the government such assholes and why we only get 10 mins of a finale battle that ends in the most generic way? What’s Doom’s motive again for his actions? Listen, this movie is a mess from beginning to end. There is no humor, there is no charm from our characters, there isn’t one joke that lands, there is no explanation for anything, there is little to no chemistry between the characters, there is no fun moments, there is no action moments, there is no teamwork, there is literally no intelligence to be found, there is no cleverness, the performances from everyone is surprisingly bad. This doesn’t even feel like a superhero movie. It’s just bad people, really, really bad. Could be one of the worst superhero movies from the last decade.

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