Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★

FINALLY had time to watch something I haven’t seen but knew I was going to like. After all the deserving “Parasite” hype I had to watch the mastermind Bong Joon Ho’s earlier work. I will start off saying I loved this. The cinematography is beautifully dreary and hazy. The movie makes rainy South Korea so damn haunting. There is a sense of dread each time a possible victim is on screen walking. Bong’s direction really shines best with these intense scenes when the killer is lurking. The mystery never gets too predictable and the strory never gets too dull. I was always on edge and skeptical when we’d get a new suspect. What I love about this movie the most is the ending. We are left heartbroken, not just for the victims but for the detectives. I couldn’t help but to think of David Fincher’s masterpiece “Zodiac” which I think hits a little better on this type of subject matter. You feel for each prime character in this film. The performances was phenomenal, I felt so weary and tired by the end of the movie just like our characters chasing this demon. There’s really so much to love about this film that I really don’t have time to write. My only negative is that some of the humor and high flying kicks every physical confrontation kind of took the seriousness out of the story for me.

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