Shoot the Piano Player

Shoot the Piano Player ★★

Ladies and gentlemen, The French New Wave is possibly, take that back, it’s CERTAINLY my least favorite movement ever and what we have here is The Godfather of that movement. The quick cuts, the experimental look of the film, the choppy editing, the very unlikable cigarette puffer who loves to talk about woman and love but can’t climb down from his ego ladder, he sometimes have deep philosophical thoughts where he narrates his poetic nonsense as he smokes his 759th cigarette of the hour because he’s so cool. To me, it’s all overly exaggerated coolness. Truffaut may started a highly successful trend but these are the films that gets under my skin. At least show me mercy and make the protagonist somewhat likable if the whole movie is about him. 

Give me the gun, I’d be happy to shoot the piano player.

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