Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

True Story: This was one of my most anticipated films that I was looking forward to seeing. I was genuinely excited. I had the trailer on repeat. I was reading the bio’s of each character. I got 2 of my best friends who were just as excited as me to go see it in IMAX. I remember that night like it was yesterday because I remember the conversation we had afterwards... because there was hardly none. 

Yea, we talked about what we liked and what we didn’t like but something was off. Buddy #1 who is a big Will Smith fan, he talked about how he enjoyed him playing Deadshot, I agreed with him. That was it from Buddy #1.

Buddy #2. Absolutely hated it. Not one positive thing was said from him. He loves superhero films too, almost too much. However, he did say Harley was hot but now every girl we knew was going to try to be her for Halloween and for the most part he was correct. That was it for Buddy #2.

Me. I was so excited before the film that even after the film I was completely in denial and said I enjoyed it for what it was. I told my buddies I enjoyed El Diablo because he had the coolest arc, which is still true today. I even bought the “extended” version on Blu-Ray to distract me from reality and reality is; this film is all the way bad. It gets worse and worse after each viewing. My biggest issue of infinite issues is how crammed this film feels. I have so many issues I can’t fit it all in one review. Just know, this film will forever be the biggest letdown any film has given me.

So back to where I said how something was off about the post conversation I had with my buddies. THERE WAS NO EXCITEMENT IN OUR TONE OF VOICE. I remember how dull and lifeless our conversation was because we were all down and out from what we’ve seen and not what we were hoping to get. It’s sad, it’s really sad how bad Ayers screwed this up. So much potential wasted. I like to believe this is the film that made me stop caring about comic book films.

Bonus Points: Adam Beach as Slipknot. Talk about an Oscar worthy performance.

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