The Game

The Game ★★★½

The Most Dangerous Animal of All

The Game had to walk so that The Truman Show could run. Hard to review this movie without spoiling anything so I’ll keep it brief to the ones who haven’t seen it, before venturing into spoilers. It’s good, it’s a David Fincher film, it’s a must see film at least once. 


Isn’t the big brother always the one pranking the little brother? At least it was for me. I had a big brother who loved bullying me and pranking me, which makes this film seriously fun to watch knowing it’s just one gigantic hoax from his brother and is this not the most extreme self awaking someone could bare? I for one would’ve died. I salute Conrad (Penn) because he now has bragging rights for the rest of his life over his big brother. He’s a true inspiration for all of us little brothers.

This is only my 3rd rewatch and it feels this film falls in the line for “one trick ponies” where the film is only as good the 1st viewing because let’s be honest, if you seen this before there is no other reason to see it again besides watching “the game” unfold because there’s not much else to be intrigued by. “Se7en”, “Gone Girl”, “Zodiac”, are all mysteries with a ending reveal but once we know the answer to the mystery there are still elements that makes those films rewatchable. I can’t find that factor here. It’s still a glorious looking film, acted perfectly and still enjoyable to watch, which makes Fincher one of the all-time best. Even though this is one of my least liked from his filmography, it’s still a damn good movie.

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