The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur ★★★

Mayumi & Daddy’s Pixar Adventure

Sorry A Bug’s Life fans out there but this is what I believe is the most underrated Pixar feature I’ve seen yet. I’m seriously baffled by the low rating on here. Other than Toy Story 4 my kid has never been so hooked into the story compared to other Pixar films. I can understand some adults getting bored and I admit this feels it is more targeted towards kids but the message is still warmhearted. I also couldn’t take my eyes off of the beautiful animations. Now Gemini’s tend to change their minds a lot (as my girlfriend would say) but I like to think this is easily the most beautiful looking Pixar film to date, along with one of my favorite scores. 

I’ve read a lot of reviews claiming the plot to be too simple which makes the film boring compared to others but in my eyes it’s always nice to have the younger audience to fully take in the message unlike films in the range of The Incredibles & Ratatouille which those films showcases adult life problems that kids can’t relate to. This film is solely about family and overcoming your fears and it pretty much exploits those themes perfectly. 

Regardless of the rating and the criticism behind this film, my kid and I had a good time watching the Good Dinosaur. 

Yumi’s Favorite Character: Spot

My Favorite Character: Butch the T-Rexan

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