The Great Escape

The Great Escape ★★★½

Should I make a Rick Dalton joke? I don’t think I will. This movie is great enough to not have me make a corny joke that might bring the movie down. This was a pure and top-tier prison break film that was surprisingly fun and adventurous? Question mark because POW, murdering, death and suicide isn’t supposed to be fun to watch, is it? Well, with wisecracking one-liners, the charismatic characters with optimism written all over their smiles, McQueen majestically riding a motorcycle through the air and a score that sounds like it should be featured in a Disney movie, I’m not sure how you can’t have fun with this one. However, there are extremely brutal scenes that is displayed but unfortunately this film doesn’t know when to tone down on the cheerful and playful moods the film spews out. Nonetheless, it’s still an incredible film and one worth seeing if you haven’t already.

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