Villains ★★★½

What a fun and refreshing surprise this movie was. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this considering the premise has been used so many times before. Thieves break into a house and the house turns out to be owned by psychopaths. Sounds played out right? Well this would’ve been dull if the performances weren’t so damn good. The star of the show who stole every scene for me is Jeffery Donavan’s character. As a born and raised kid in the south of Kentucky, I can tell you that his southern accent is spot on. His gentleman mannerisms and snarky line deliveries are hilariously menacing. He’s such a fun villain to watch on screen. Our two “protagonists” Maika Monroe & Bill Skarsgård are fantastic. I found my self caring and rooting for them to get out alive. Their relationship was believable and super cute. I love how the decisions characters make in the film are reasonable and sensible. Props goes to the writing for that. My only negatives is Kyra Sedgwick’s character who is way over the top and so nuts that she isn’t believable anymore. It also took time to invest into our characters in the beginning, it’s near the 2nd act that I was starting to care and believe in these characters. Nonetheless, this was a great surprise. I had a blast watching this cat and mouse game of survival. I might add that the soundtrack was amazing as well. Films from 2019 just keeps on surprising me.

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