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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    What makes this film standout to me compared to all the other installments after it, it has this very extremely cheesy but fun undertone to it that I believe is completely missing from the sequels. 

    Danny Elfman’s grand score pops with each scene. When Hunt jumps from the train onto the helicopter’s landing skid and the M:I theme song blares through my audio system, my heart starts prancing in joy. 

    Tom Cruise has never been so over-the-top in the series…

  • Road to Perdition

    Road to Perdition


    “People always thought I grew up on a farm. And I guess, in a way, I did. But I lived a lifetime before that, in those six weeks on the road in the winter of 1931. When people ask me if Michael Sullivan was a good man, or if there was just no good in him at all, I always give the same answer. I just tell them... he was my father.”

    Around the time for Father’s Day, I usually…

  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

    Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone



    Nostalgia plays a big role on how much I love watching even the “weakest” of installments that DBZ has to offer in their feature films, but I feel an even bigger part of the love I have for these films & the franchise as a whole is that there really isn’t anything that I’ve seen since, that features likable heroes that are each distinctively different, a villain with a purpose, rich animations, well choreographed fight scenes, a harmonious…

  • Slow West

    Slow West


    I always love returning back to this one. I adore a film that can grasp many emotions out of me with such a breezy runtime. I just don’t see many films like this one that managed to make me laugh, smile, tense up, heartbroken and hopeful, along with being venturesome with such a simple premise. 

    The melancholic score fits perfectly within the suffering and violence that is shown. The cinematography and visuals is absolutely gorgeous. The landscapes are vividly colorful…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Getting straight to the point, this was surprisingly good. I say “surprisingly” because I lack faith in any superhero film that comes out, very rarely do I have my eyes wide open as a certain character we’ve seen too many times before beats up a bad guy who we know is going to lose but thankfully the film crew makes it exciting with an extremely dark atmospheric tone and visuals, exciting fight sequences that are revamped much greater compared to…

  • Band of Brothers

    Band of Brothers


    In honor for all the brave souls that has tragically passed away from sacrificing their lives in war. No matter what I say or feel about this mini-series, it will never take away from the respect and gratitude that I have for the women and men that has been involved or served in the war. This entry is for them on this Memorial Day. God bless them. 

    I’ve decided not to breakdown each episode, instead I would just rather get…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


    [Extended Edition]
     I’m going to get shamed for saying this but if I took away the glorious battle at the end, then there wouldn’t be much that is rememberable for me. I will explain later but I must first give credit. I honestly feel bad for not rating this higher due to the final act that is absolutely perfect. That’s not to say before that there are some aspects I enjoyed as well. Gollem battling his personality disorder while interacting…

  • The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli


    After dozens of rewatches I’m starting to feel obligated rating this so high because the flaws I once turned a blind eye from is now becoming more and more apparent and harder to ignore. With that said, I still find it to be a personal favorite of mine. The religious aspects still works for me and that’ll never change. No matter how ridiculous the twist can be, it still emphasizes the meaning of faith in a profound way and Eli’s…

  • Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express


    I was 18 years old when this hit theaters y’all. Got all the boys together, ventured out to see this one and it was one crazy trip at the theater with this one. Nostalgia plays a big role in my rating but I also believe it to be special in many ways. Yes, it’s your usual dumb stoner comedy but it’s spiced with some very impressive action with stunts that still amaze me to this day. The jokes are starting…

  • The Ten Commandments

    The Ten Commandments


    When I first viewed this film “fully” I was watching about 3 or 4 films a day trying to complete a list. Because of the massive runtime, I was already loathing it because I was looking at it as if it was more of a task than me viewing the film as a pleasure. Before going into it, I wasn’t giving it a chance, all that mattered was that this long “boring” film was holding me up to complete my…

  • The Ten Commandments

    The Ten Commandments


    It’s been awhile since I’ve revisited a silent film but since this was a bonus disc to the 1956 remake collectors edition, I thought I’d give this is a watch and won’t let that extra expense go to waste and what I found was another great telling of the Ten Commandments from Cecil B. DeMille. 

    There are two parts. The first part depicts Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt and so on. If you seen the 1956 remake, this…

  • Looper



    Finally nice to talk about an original sci-fi movie that is so much fun. As the genre has many entries, not many come out as strong as Looper does in my opinion. It’s no marvel cinematic universe in terms of extravagance but it certainly gets the job done in its very relaxed storytelling and a futuristic world building that doesn’t feel 1,000 years away but more so in the near future. Small quick details can do it for me. I…