Waxwork ★★★½

Film #15 Of My Shock-tober 2017 Challenge

"Waxwork" feels like an anthology without, but one that does not need to tell different stories. No, it uses the killers and creatures of the waxwork to establish a variety of little scenarios to keep the audience hooked.

Zach Galligan is a serviceable lead in this, but sadly never manages to come near his iconic role in the "Gremlins" films. The true star is the main antagonist, played devilishly campy by David Warner.

In the end, I would recommend this film just purely on the merits of a schlocky 80s horror extravaganza. It's unadulterated fun, but depth or a plot is noticeably missing here. Doesn't really matter though, because it got John Rhys Davies as a werewolf...