Minari ★★★★★

I would just like to apologize to everyone in advance bc I know this movie is gonna b my defining personality trait for the next year. 

It’s pretty simple actually. I see a sweet Asian grandma and I give the movie 5 stars. What am I supposed to do? NOT fall in love with them?? Please.

Anyway I cried like three times. The performances, especially Han Ye-ri’s, blew me away. And give an Oscar to that sweet Korean grandma STAT!!!!!! I was concerned going into this that the main conflict was gonna be racism and I was wary. But I’m so glad this didn’t go down that route. This is a story about a family trying to achieve their American dream and the obstacles that come with it. And it was surprisingly funnier than I thought it was gonna be!! I laughed, i cried, and I can’t wait to see this again!!!

Finally, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that I want Steven yeun to run me over with his tractor. That man is so fucking fine. I want him to whisper sweet Korean nothings in my ear. And he’s talented too. But like........ more importantly he’s an automatic smash

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