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This review may contain spoilers.

A really lovely and touching film, its odd and funny yet also completely sincere and moving and actually grounded in quite a bit of realism, in a world we can all recognise. Her is completely anchored by Joaquin Phoenix's sombre and deeply emotional performance as Theodore, by that I mean without an actor of his presence, the film would simply not work or connect. Amy Adams is impossibly lovely as Theodore's friend Amy who goes through a similar experience in the film as him. Adams is so effortlessly sweet and charming which shows she can do just about anything. The OS that Theodore falls in love with is voiced by Scarlett Johansson and quite brilliantly too, considering she replaced Samantha Morton its mightily impressive how well he does when we can only hear her voice. It's basically the best piece of voice acting I can think of in recent times.

Rooney Mara plays Catherine, Theodore's wife who wants to divorce him, causing Theodore's deep melancholia and loneliness causing him to fall for his OS Samantha. The cinematography and music are gorgeous, and the script is witty, intelligent and moving greatly aided again by Joaquin Phoenix's beautifully sad performance. There were brief moments where I felt the words that Spike Jonze had clearly put a lot of effort and thought into, were trying to say too much, like he tried a tad too hard and it comes across as slightly indulgent at times and not possessing the desired emotional impact he wants it to have. I was moved, but occasionally there were moments where I thought it could have been a slightly more powerful scene. Like the one where Samantha says goodbye to Theodore. Perhaps the film will affect me more on a second viewing. That said its still undeniably beautiful, smart and charming and full of tremendously sensitive and sincere performances and its such a great original yet difficult topic for a film but Spike Jonze really does pull it off.

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