The Happening

The Happening ★★★

"There appears to be an event happening. Central Park was just hit by what seems to be a terrorist attack"

Guys, I know most people hate The Happening but I honestly feel all the preposterous logic, the laughable performances, and every ludicrous line of dialogue is intentional. This is Shyamalan's B-Movie. And no I don't mean the DreamWorks animated movie.

Although I don't feel The Happening is a total success, I do believe it's watchable escapism that provides chuckles and at times real spine tingling chills. The Happening is perfectly in line with the trend of post 9/11 hysteria films that grew to prominence in the 21st century. From the interest in documentaries, to the rise of the torture porn horror that reflected the Bush administration's military tactics; The Happening fits right in as an allegory for the foreign anxiety felt by the nation at the time. Shyamalan asks, why worry so much about other countries when your own country has problems of its own?

For the record, If I'm offered hotdogs I will happily take a hotdog. Just no chili because I'd rather not have the shits on a long road trip.

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