Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★½

I don't really like writing too many reviews but I thought I'd like to express my praises after I watched this film.

I know in many ways Dolemite doesn't take any huge risks in what it attempts to achieve, its aim to tell the story about a man and his dream doesn't push any boundaries.

However, there was something gently uplifting about the film, I left feeling refreshed. The build up may not have caught the tension a person in this situation may have felt, but I was okay with that.

I enjoyed the solution-oriented mentality of the title character and his motivated outlook. Even with that said, the payoff at the end of the film feels real, I felt satisfied that we had completed an arc.

The acting is great, there are loads of great quotes, there are a couple rushed moments that I wish would have been explored a bit more, but overall, I really enjoyed this film, and would recommend it to people looking for a bit of hope in their lives. Goddamn we need it sometimes.