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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel like this film would be amazing to watch if you knew literally nothing about it (in this case, even seeing the DVD/blu-ray case would probably "spoil" it). For the first 40 minutes or so there is really not much reason to think this is/is going to be a horror film. Except for one slightly creepy shot of the girl in a hospital, there is really nothing until the insane heel turn of the auditioned girlfriend sitting in an empty apartment, motionless, with a telephone and a bag on the floor around her.

Holy hell man. I wish I could have seen this with fresh eyes. Unfortunately, I was spoiled by the documentary (which I do like) The Story of Film: An Odyssey (I do with it had less spoilers though).

However, I'm not really sure what else this film has to say. There is a very interesting psychedelic dreamlike sequence (when we learn what is in the bag) that I love, but I don't know what - if any - sense it makes (not that that is necessarily an issue). But in terms of the actual plot and the main antagonist's archetype, I feel the film is more conventional than many people suggest (though it is very well done).

One question I feel is interesting to ask is "did Aoyama deserve this"? I mean, OK obviously not because hardly anyone deserves what happens to him. But what I mean is, is he even guilty of what Yamazaki accuses him of? Of "just wanting sex"? Definitely Aoyama's tactics were dirty but his intentions seemed more pure that just wanting sex to me.

Definitely some of the emotional intricacies of this film are interesting... the fact that Aoyama was attracted to the apparent "emotional depth" of Yamazaki.

Overall, a very good horror film. Great spooky Halloween watch.


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