Jurassic Park ★★★½

A film that, for me, is an enjoyable watch but doesn't really come together into something special. A lot of good performances, but I don't think as a film it very convincingly explores any themes. The ideas about "chaos theory" and not having control over things are really not explored enough at all to leave much of an impression. The stuff about Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) not liking children feels mostly very tacked-on and unconvincing. However, the scene-to-scene stuff is so good that's it's still very watchable. Despite the themes it relates to (control, hubris) being undeveloped, Hammond's (Richard Attenborough) characterisation as a hubristic control freak is very convincing and enjoyable.

The special effect and action scenes are really what this movie excels at - and excel, it does. Really still mostly holds up. Only broad daylight shots of CGI dinosaurs really look much worse than the average CGI rubbish nowadays. The dark action scenes involving dinosaurs build atmosphere and tension so well that the dinosaurs are utterly convincing when we glimpse them.


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