Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

“Sound of Metal” reverberates into the soul with its harmony of naturalistic earnestness. 

Director Darius Marder, previously screenwriter of the intergenerational trauma/crime saga “Place Beyond the Pines,” brings the same earthy humanity to “Metal.” Like “Pines,” “Metal” is an introspective piece of filmmaking, that feels like a slice of artistic atonement. 

Atonement for what, though?

Riz Ahmed gives one the the year’s best acting performances as the newly deaf drummer, Ruben. While Ryan Gosling in “Pines” seemed to perpetually self-punish for his inability to cherish what he should hold dear — his family — Ruben’s path is of one seeking beauty.

Whether by drugs or apathy, Ruben tuned out the quiet splendor of the world, until the world did the task on his behalf. 

Marder and Ahmed pull no tricks in their telling of Ruben’s way to grace. The actor-director pair have enough confidence in their capacity to simply look viewers in the eye directly ... and wait for realization.

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