Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Guy Ritchies’ movies are as densely plotted as Hitchcock spy flicks, but are best watched in the blithe mind space that comes when lifting weights in front of the mirror at the gym. 

In Ritchie Land, it doesn’t matter if you’re spouting empty words, as long as you make them look good. 

And to be fair, nobody makes dudes look quite so slick - as Guy Ritchie. 

His new entry, “Wrath of Man,” stars Jason Statham as a security guard who is secretly a heist mastermind. There are complicated scores to settle and odds to even; but, as always - these come second to the glory of Ritche’s ultra masculine aesthetic, and… the bro code. 

Here it is, roughly:

For men to live as free men, they have to undertake the most manly feats possible by a man. Men are not handed manhood. Manhood is earned, and can only be enjoyed in absolute independence from rules and expectations. 

This makes “Wrath,” and Ritchie - both ordered and anarchic. Institutions are an affront, but men within them - when wielding a gun - can be laudable.

Not just a gun - a sick looking gun. 

It’s only appropriate that “Wrath” co-stars Scott Eastwood, son of Clint. Ritchie is still playing by the shoot straight and look tuff rules of “Dirty Harry” all these decades later. 

And honestly… it still looks good on him.

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