Piercing ★½

Directed by the man who helmed the 2016 sickening black-and-white horror 'The Eyes of My Mother', 'Piercing' is his followup to the beautifully made and photographed yet narratively uninteresting debut, and it's extremely underdeveloped, confusing, and as uncomfortable as the director's previous film. It's about a dude feeling an urge to kill his infant child with an ice pick, so he redirects this urge and sets up a plan to order a prostitute in a hotel and kill her with an ice pick instead. But little does this dude know that his plan isn't going to go the way he wants it to. The performances from Christopher Abbot and Mia Wasikowska are fine, they just don't make that much of an impression due to the thin writing. The cinematography and score are fine also, the film has kind of a weird but unique atmosphere, it's just the hollow undeveloped writing that makes this film not good. I know nothing about the characters, where the plot goes just doesn't make sense, it almost seems like crazy shit happening for the sake of crazy shit.