Entertaining while being entirely too smart for its own good. Spike Jonze's Pharcyde "Drop" music video by way of Mission Impossible. 2014's Predestination meets Quantum of Solace.

Every line of dialogue sounds like a Zen koan delivered like a soliloquy written by a philosophy grad thumbing through a dogeared copy of A Brief History of Time.

John David Washington is a decent if uncharismatic leading man. It doesn't feel like the film is all that particularly interested in him or his story until the final half-hour though. Naming his character "The Protagonist" and the literal antagonists of this story "the Antagonists" is about the only straightforward thing about this film. Kenneth Branaugh is a deliciously insane ham of a villain (Don't lecture me about radiation!).

The action scenes are impressive, if incomprehensible at times. The technical and directorial coordination needed to achieve these sequences alone is impressive by its own merit. "Hans Zimmer going full-on Sicko Mode" is my new favorite Hans Zimmer.

The fatalistic implication of two warring generations from seperate timelines pitted in an inextricable temporal contest of mutually assured annihilation motivated by the inability of either one to meaningfully propose let alone implement a solution to environmental collapse is...a lot lol smh

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