Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

I could feel everywhere this movie was going, save for the very ending, which is incredible. Even with the predictability, it's a crushing watch. Riz Ahmed's eyes do more acting in this film than some do over a lifetime. Raci is also superb, and Olivia Cooke kills it in the first and final scenes. The distorted sound and frightening lack thereof constantly keep us in this guy's cursed existence. It's not an uplifting story about breaking-then-changing, because we're already at capacity with those. Rather, this is about life's many unfair, irreversible swerves, and how we have to keep going when there is no light to guide us back to where we were; that sometimes we're prematurely evicted from the best life has to offer us. Raci's character is a fascinating exploration of the condition of just being; of living through stillness and surrendering desire. There's no cure for the inner turmoil Marder connects us to, making this an astonishingly watchable feel-bad film.

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