Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water ★★★½

It’s weird, I don’t have a lot to say about this. I definitely connected less with Shyamalan here than with his previous works. I was really excited to revisit Lady in the Water since it’s been probably ten years since I saw it last, and maybe I was too excited? I still enjoyed myself, and I enjoyed thinking about everything Shyamalan was trying to tell us when he made this. It just didn’t grab hold of me quite like I expected it to. 
- Shyamalan is clearly deeply troubled by the state of the US, and, interestingly, this movie mentions both man’s obscene obsession with owning everything, as well as a looming revolution of both politics and values.
- Bryce Dallas Howard and Paul Giamatti are both killing it here. 
- Shyamalan continues to create both fascinating and sincere stories, and has a talent for creating unique characters. I love the characters he creates.
- The relationship between Shyamalan’s character and his sister was kinda weird right???
- I guess I had a lot to say

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