• Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    inexplicably, the theater i was in was absolutely screaming with mirth at the jokes in this.

    it’s derivative in the most unoriginal of ways, the cgi is grossly noticeable (sorry to the vfx workers who can’t unionize and were pressured to crunch for this), and it’s also somehow racist while making an attempt to not be racist like the ride was racist.

    the one star is for jesse plemons, and the half star is for a believably sunburnt paul giamatti

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    i really can’t find anything wrong with this movie. so five stars, even though it kind of made me feel shitty. i first saw this about five years ago, and i don’t think my final thoughts have changed, though i did find more meaning in it than before.
    mainly watched because i felt like i needed to revisit this in order to prep myself to revisit the green knight. i feel ready for it.
    time melts inside itself.
    and there are so many special pictures painted in that little box.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

    perfect for people whose favorite color is green

  • Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown


    this just adds to my complicated feelings surrounding tarantino and his infatuation with Blackness. jackie brown is wonderful. it has so many qualities and performances that make it not only an astoundingly good time, but a meticulously crafted film as well. really, that’s how most of tarantino’s movies are. i especially like how much more laid back this one is; there are several beautifully written conversations among the characters, and none of them feel overlong, boring, or unnecessary. all that…

  • Old



    it’s insane to me (but not really i guess) that this is being attacked so much by both critics and general audiences. a review i liked talked about how sincere of a filmmaker shyamalan is - he seems to truly love and believe in the ideas that he translates to the screen, and for me it’s impossible to not enjoy a movie from someone like that.
    of course the dialogue is going to be a bit clunky, a bit stylized!…

  • Pig



    this is one of the movies that makes you feel like the world is a little different when you step out of the theater. 

    sarnoski absolutely knows they are evoking the kind of gritty revenge vibe that took over the world with john wick. then, it’s all repeatedly flipped on it’s head in a fascinating display of nonviolent philosophy. there’s a moment, when rob realizes his pig is in danger, that he grabs his knife to defend her, he’s violently…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    77 minutes of terror!
    watch this and uncut gems back to back and scientists say your heart will actually explode

  • Se7en



    whenever i hear the word grunge now i’m going to think of this movie

  • Brick



    watching this after seeing all of rían johnson’s other films, the question comes to mind whether or not his whole genre subversion thing is more of a schtick than it is an exciting talent. but then you’re in a perfect representation of the southern californian suburbs, and these schoolchildren are speaking in codes and riddles and metaphors and it would all be so ridiculous if it weren’t handled so consciously and meticulously, and the question is pointless. maybe it is subverting genre expectations is johnson’s schtick, but who cares, because he’s so damn good at it, every time.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow



  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    john wick exists in a separate dimension from our own. this one answers to john wick’s currency, his dog, seemingly with no training, is perfectly obedient, and even all the taxi drivers know him. the otherworldly quality of these movies helps explain why they’re so damn funny.
    the violence, which would in our world be agonizing, in several cases had me laughing loudly. it’s one of those things that sounds awful, but you really just have to see john wick to understand what i mean.

  • Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    keanu has it. he has the spark