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  • Ali



    The first words spoken to Ali in this film ask, accusingly and dismissively, what he is running from, implying a force that is responsible for his action, something that makes him run other than his own will. The film soon makes clear that this is not the case; even when the film flashes back to Ali’s younger days it shows a path of propulsion and portrays Ali as a pure force of individualism that justly and inevitable will achieve independence…

  • Collateral



    It keeps getting harder and harder to come up with a reason why this isn't Mann's best film (other than the obvious anwser that Heat is just simply one of the most watchable films ever). Structurally it's quietly his most ambitious: it's almost too easy to imagine a version of this story where the cab driver serves as a bit of background flavor and a vessel for Jada Pinkett Smith to deliver exposition to and then disappears for good after…

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  • A Breed Apart

    A Breed Apart


    I can't think of a better 80s dream match than Rutger Hauer (a semi-crazed Vietnam veteran obsessed with protecting the ecosystem of his private island) versus Powers Boothe (playing a mountain climber with activewear fits for days who needs to procure a rare bald eagle egg so that he can fund his trip to put the American flag on some Chinese mountain). Throw in a strong supporting cast anchored by Kathleen Turner, a great sense of pace that mixes excitement with some cozier moments, and some surprisingly striking outdoor and interior imagery and you have a really fun hidden gem. It kinda just ends though.

  • Bean



    this motherfucker

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  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead


    You know that scene in 21 Jump Street when Channing Tatum writes a bunch of 4s on the whiteboard, says some gibberish, and yells "Fuck you science!" while high on drugs? Well God's Not Dead is basically the 113 minute version of that scene.

  • Psycho



    Unfortunately this disproves my theory that any classic film would be better if it included a scene of Vince Vaughn jerking off.