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This review may contain spoilers.

not to be too on the nose, but phantom thread is about the way people decide to clothe themselves or not. reynolds is a person who uses curtains himself off, tries to veil his vulnerability, to frame his neediness as fastidiousness. by contrast, alma presents herself as who she is -- everything is on the surface. this is not to say that she lacks depth or interiority, only to say that she does not obfuscate. even her deception is direct and open. the contrast between these two personalities is what I see as the central tension of the film, and is resolved in a memorable way -- alma decides to periodically strip reynolds, first without his consent, then with it.

to me, it's not very clear to me how pta intends us to feel about this (and having not read any of the commentary on the movie, I don't know what the consensus is). I'm not sure how I feel about it, I think I'll need a rewatch to be sure.

anyway, there are also some great eating scenes in this movie. I always love a good eating scene.