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  • Slacker



    There are certain movies that manage to faithfully capture an era -or a scene within itself, and consistent comments about this movie saying that it captures '90s Texas well has lead me to believe that this movie is one of those.

    The movie is a pure manifestation of American '90s youth in the hopeful post-Cold War era, the social decade, and the post '90s recession in 1991. Everything comes affordable and America is doing well despite the many warnings by…

  • In Search of a Midnight Kiss

    In Search of a Midnight Kiss


    The film school version of the Before trilogy, using a camera ripped off its tripod - and looks like it needed to be dusted off before it was used, and actors that probably know each other quite well.

    A man who's lonely and depressed on New Year's Eve goes dating through the internet. His date is a speed-dater that continuously shoots down guys to make room for the ideal date that can quickly replace her clingy ex-boyfriend. During the date,…

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    [Third watch, 3D Collector's Edition]

    The long poetic space adventure that is the original trilogy is nowhere to be found, it's no journey to enjoy, to sit down and take in. The pacing is weird and inconsistent and often takes a detour to explain minor details or to let an action sequence play out just for the sake of keeping up the fast pace. The movie never slows down enough to let use take in the world, we speed from…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    I find Ridley Scott admirable for his attempt to turn a B-horror science fiction franchise about chest-bursting aliens into a substantiated philosophical platform, and I am one of the few people who considers Prometheus a success in that regard.
    Ridley created this wide, ancient, uncaring, and very much Lovecraftian universe that is both frightening and unimaginable to the human brain, like a Dali painting come to life.
    Covenant tries to do something similar, but ends up being anything but profound.…