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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Another month, another movie that rattles the cages of faux-controversial political groups, crawling out of their caves to throw enough of a tantrum to get picked up by the general audience. This time it's Black Panther, the first black superhero, the great balance to upset the imbalance. It's one of the best superhero movies of all time, people love it because the cast is black, people hate it because it's racist, people love it because it's empowering, people hate it…

  • Fifty Shades Freed

    Fifty Shades Freed

    Its finally over, I've seen them all, the last one sitting between the panther printed blondes and middle-aged housewives in a packed cinema. It made it that much funnier that the people were very vocal, whooing at the horrible sex scenes, or explaining the horribly obvious plot points.

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    [Third watch, 3D Collector's Edition]

    The long poetic space adventure that is the original trilogy is nowhere to be found, it's no journey to enjoy, to sit down and take in. The pacing is weird and inconsistent and often takes a detour to explain minor details or to let an action sequence play out just for the sake of keeping up the fast pace. The movie never slows down enough to let use take in the world, we speed from…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    This movie didn't do it for me, I had been avoiding reviews as much as I could before going in, wanting the clean experience as much as I possibly could. I did not expect a continuation of one of my favorite movies ever made, but I also did not expect to dislike this movie as much as I do. After walking out of the cinema with a mixed feeling of boredom and disgust, I was surprised that I was actually…