The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★½

One star solely for the insane train set piece finale. This is inferior to the first (and best) Pirates of the Caribbean movie in almost any way.

+beautiful scenery and some nice attention to detail
+high production value
+a rather dark tale for a Disney movie
+the finale is spectacular

+/-the score is mediocre

-the movie is too long and drags sometimes
-Armie Hammer is an average hero and hardly likable
-Johnny Depps Captain Jack routine fails to impress.
-the slapstick elements went too far and didn't connect with me that well
-too much (obvious) CGI
-Helena Bonham Carters role doesn't serve much purpose
-the movies plot failed to engage me and the "twists" are not that great. You'll smell them a mile away

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