Black Panther

Black Panther ★★★★½

Once again, Ryan Coogler proves that he is one of the most talented directors living today. From the action set-pieces, to the still moments of conversation between characters, he's put together a stunning sequence of frames.

More props to Coogler and co-writer Joe Robert Cole who have managed to create a protagonist you can really root for, as well as a compelling villain whose motivations you can totally understand. The even greater achievement is how they've managed to flesh out so many new, unique characters in this stunning ensemble of very talented people.

The film is culturally and socially relevant in a world of increased globalization, and doesn't shy away from tackling themes of classism and the impact of colonialism on Africa. But these themes are handled in an intelligent and mindful way that embraces its blackness and does not alienate anyone.

Black Panther is pretty damn ambitious for a film forming part of a broader existing universe, but the bet has definitely paid off.

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