Brigsby Bear ★★★★

When this started out I was like "WTF am I watching?". Then the film grew on me, and I ended up smiling to myself on multiple occasions. This is the perfect example of a movie that has heart. It's such a delight to witness the whole thing unfold, and so inspiring for anyone who has been or wants to be part of any creative process.

Sometimes the film does oversimplify the consequences of James' circumstance and his transition; and even though it is address, I don't feel like they go deeply enough into this. I'm willing to forgive the filmmakers, because the rest of it's so good.

Kyle Mooney moderates his character James' temperament exceptionally well to present an exquisite performance as a very unique character. With the little screen time that Mark Hamill gets in this film, he owns it too. I would love to see him in more roles like this.

I'm just sorry I never saw this sooner, and I recommend this one to anyone looking for a film that's just full of wonder and joy. You won't be disappointed.