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  • Commando



    The greatest Father's Day movie of all time.

  • Scream and Scream Again

    Scream and Scream Again


    Three bizarre stories (spy story, serial killer vampire, and people losing body parts) crammed into one funky ride of a movie, that does not quite come together, but is fun all the same. There are a lot of fun ideas and scenes here; the weird nazi-esque heavy has a deadly nerve pinch, farms that have convenient vats of acid for quick body disposal, and a great theme song from the Amen Corner. What is disappointing is we really don't get…

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  • Night of Dark Shadows

    Night of Dark Shadows


    This film was famously cut severely by MGM (30 minutes of footage) which is painfully obvious (two scenes are very awkwardly cut), but the old Dan Curtis magic worked on me all the same. The first two acts are dreamy surreal, gothic creepitude which are a remix of the parallel reality/Angelique storylines from the TV series.
    The cuts really hurt the beginning of the film which features Quentin Collins slowly getting dragged into Angelique's thrall. By the time of the…