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  • Antrum



    Second time watching this devilishly meticulous event film. I co-programmed this impressive film at one of the festivals I work for this past Summer. The concept of the film is pretty astounding. A cursed unreleased/lost film print from the 1970's has been unearthed after years of silence. Every film festival director to ever screen this film has met a terrible and violent fate at the hands of what can only be considered a hex upon the reel itself. Book-ended by…

  • Sweetheart



    Sometimes I can only laugh at how painfully forced a film's socio-political message is while I was otherwise prepared to just watch 90 minutes of dumb monster movie fun. Blumhouse is really in damage control mode after that whole "Jason Blum doesn't hire women" article fiasco from last year. I love a good politically ingrained horror concept, mainly because most adept filmmakers practice the art of subtlety quite well. This though? This is about as in your face as it…

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Under The Skin, simply put, is basically the Eraserhead of 2014. I really loved the experience, because, that's what it is. Not a movie, but an entire out of body experience. The end result of the shots, sounds and emotions don't flow together to create a narrative, but an entire new dimension you'll be visiting for its duration. It is not easily understood at a cerebral level, because that was never intended to be the case. It is, as cliche…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    After starting out with such humble beginnings at Troma Entertainment, James Gunn hits it big with Marvel Studio's WTF fest, Guardians of the Galaxy. This Firefly meets Star Wars meets The Expendables mash up is Kevin Feige's first film in his cinematic universe not held down by any expectations what so ever. This being said, it has full artistic control over itself in every way. Because this movie has no chance of making fanboys leave the theater saying, "That's not…