Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

Good Time is like the Safdie Brothers' personal reimagining of Martin Scorsese's After Hours. Complete with a day/night full of mishap, a man who's only form of connection are denizens of a city's underbelly & an already impressive hole being dug deeper as time drifts along. Easily one of the best films of the year, this sophomore effort by the men who's previous masterpiece was an out of nowhere miracle, this drug influenced petty crime thriller is the absolute definition of gritty. It's dingy DIY filmmaking at its most vulnerable and I can't possibly love it anymore than I do now. It's a micro adventure that reminds you how real this truly is for some people out in the world. This is a regular weekend excursion. For others however, its basically a horror film. One that only gets scarier the more you think about it. How can one person be such a stubborn fuck-up, even in the face of serious penalty? It's not a hypothetical question. It's just one we know we won't have answered in this film and we're fine with that.

These 2 have single-handedly ushered themselves to the top of an ever growing list of decade defining visionaries who are combating a sea of complacency. The Safdies, Sean Baker, Saulnier, Dolan, Arnold, Amirpour(I have faith her future endeavors will be great) - This generation has finally found its voice. One that have no fear of foregoing the educational system in exchange for feeding the urge they have to tell their stories. I will be waiting here with open arms, most likely rewatching this a few more times over.

- The Spork Guy

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