Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

After starting out with such humble beginnings at Troma Entertainment, James Gunn hits it big with Marvel Studio's WTF fest, Guardians of the Galaxy. This Firefly meets Star Wars meets The Expendables mash up is Kevin Feige's first film in his cinematic universe not held down by any expectations what so ever. This being said, it has full artistic control over itself in every way. Because this movie has no chance of making fanboys leave the theater saying, "That's not how the comic went..." there is no room for disappointment. A bunch of awesome characters fighting in space with action sequences rivaling The Avengers, by far the funniest dialogue in any super hero movie ever, and the best licensed soundtrack of any pre-existing sci-fi film, GotG is a complete win in every way. Important spoilers aside, you get extra points in my book if you can spot the Lloyd Kaufman cameo!!!

EDIT: "There were quiet a few changes to the source material"
- The Returner of Videotapes

- The Spork Guy

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