Halloween ★★★★★

Hoop-Tober 2016, Entry #32

I've seen this film many times throughout my life, but mainly when I was younger. Too young to appreciate it fully to be exact. When I was at that age, I never enjoyed slashers. I was too closed to the idea of a plot so simple that it franchised outward into a series of endless episodes. I always knew this was the one that truly started the hype, but I never took the time to find out why. Well, I've finally seen it again, now as someone who openly loves to love cinema as a whole. This film is nearly perfect. Halloween is an absolute masterpiece. Not only this, but I know realize that it's quite possibly one of the scariest films ever made. These various scenes of slow moving tracking shots as they follow Laurie down the sidewalk of her street. The soundtrack that summons up nothing but pure dread. The idea that nothing is ever safe in one's life. I know it's meant to emulate the menacing eyes of Michael Myers, but to me, it represents all unforeseen threats that can strike in the everyday.

This itself makes everything about the movie frightening beyond words. Yes, it did spawn a long running series, but the basis in which that was founded is actually an artistic minded feat. If the budget had been to a level of unlimited ducats, sure, we would've seen exactly what he was going for in a sense of quality. It's like seeing most 16bit video games and realizing how intricate they were intended to be if technology had allowed for such. It's an American classic that lead to most horror franchises and one-off's we know and love. Many people will debate on if the rest of the series(save for part 3)are worthy companions to the original. Well, considering how haunting the final shots of this film truly are, in combination with the famous theme music bellowing over it, I'd say it would've been perfect even if it hadn't obtained a sequel. but thank god it did, or else the world wouldn't know the name Danielle Harris and L.L. Cool J's tremendous acting career would never have taken off ;)

- The Spork Guy

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